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How to play.

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Mafia is a sort of role playing game in which several factions are fighting of control over a town (at least in it's basic form). There are usualy 2 main oppoising sides the townies and the mafia. The town's job is to get rid of the mafia and the mafia's job is to get rid of the town. But, People do not know anyone else's roles, unless they are told durrin gthe game. Each game is run by a mod who assigns roles, and carrys out actions. No Privet messages may be sent concerning the game (unless or role states otherwise) exept to the mod. No editing of posts is alloud either, so if you say something that is incriminating, it is there for good.

Durring day is when discussion and Lynching occurs. Lynching is when everyone votes on who to kill. After a majoraty of people vote for a person to be lynched, that person is "killed" and removed from the game. The role of the person who is lynched is usualy reveiled by the game moderator after they are lynched. After someone is lynched or a set time limit is reaced, Night begins. Night is when most of the people who have special powers get to use them, as instructed by the moderator. People send names of the person or people they want to use thier powers on to the mod, who then acts accordingly.

Townies: The town is usualy has the majority of people at the start, and their objective is to kill all the mafia. There are a few common power roles for the town.
  • Angel- At night chooses one person to protect from being killed by the mafia.
  • Cop- At night can investigate people to find out if they are part of the mafia.
  • Vigalante- Can kill a person at night, but, depending on the game, cannot kill townies

The Mafia: There are usualy less mafia than town, but the mafia have cirtain powers to make up for that. Each noght the mafia decide one person to kill. That person is then "disposed of" and is removed from the game. Potential Mafia power roles:
  • Godfather- the leader of the mafia, cannot be killed by vigalantes and they are not revealed as mafia if investigates, but the whole mafia loses if the godfather is killed
  • Hitman- In some games, only the hitman can kill people for the mafia and if he is killed they no longer are able to make night kills

Third party:The third party players are only in some games and have whatever victory condition that the mod decides on.

Some more info:
  • Things that might show that someone is mafia
  • If someone always votes to lynch the person with the most votes (bandwagoning) they might be mafia.
  • If someone doesn't ever say much, they might be mafia trying not to say too much.
  • If someone is trying to confuse people too much the might be mafia trying to get a townie lynched.
  • If someone is very quick to respond to any accusation of being mafia, they might be an overly paranoid mafia person.

About 3 posts a day is usually common just to keep things going.

In each game, the mod has suprime power to do what they want.

You can "claim" which means to tell your role, and is commonly done if you are very close to being lynched and need to prove that you aren't mafia.

In each game, the mod can decide on thier own rules and role.
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